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Roma people

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Roma people are ethnic group, which is largely found in various parts of Europe. Roma people is actually Europe's largest minority group. It is estimated that there are up to 20 million Roma in Europe. The figures vary from country to country, because Roma people still fear of discrimination by the majority population. Many of Roma people unfortunately, even today hide their ethnicity.

The group's only and proper name is Rom, which means human! All other names like zigeuner, zigenare, cigani, tattare, gipsy, gitanos are wrong, very negative and insulting terms. These embarrassing terms originated from the Greek word xenos, meaning stranger. Xenofobi is a term that describes the fear of people from other countries, while antiromism or antigypsyism is a term that describes racism against Roma people.


For about 1000 years ago Roma people migrated from India, rather from today's Rajasthan. Even today we don't know the reason why they left India. Scientists suspect that the causes of emigration was great war, poverty and starvation. Large number of Roma population in our Europe still live in appalling poverty. This is the proof that hunger and poverty don't terrify Roma people, but lack of security and war absolutely yes. Even today, Roma people are fleeing from the country which is in the war.

Roma people wandered westward towards Europe by today's Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Greece ... This we know because of loan words found in Romani language. In the history (even today) Roma were subjected to persecution, slavery and mass murder. The world hasn't much information about these horrible events. Roma people hadn't opportunities to write about their suffering and non-Roma writer romanticized the situation. The only archive are few registration of Roma, but also they are okorrekta. More than 2 000 000 Roma were murdered during the second world war, but we can not hear or read because the media and the schools do not give much space and publicity for Roma.






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The first official convention where Roma people were free to take initiatives to change things for positive held in London the year 1971 April 7 to 12. During the congress days were some important decisions where, among other things, recognized the people's official name "Rom"; 8 April - International Roma Day, a national song and the flag was presented.



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